Libby L. Taylor – Week 4 Chapbook Chart 2021

Ethereality is the first book by Libby L. Taylor. The chapbook consists of poetry that has been recognised around the world and published across multiple literary journals. Ethereality was inspired by the book’s title poem with the same name, and focuses on the messiness of life as well as its beautiful moments.

Libby L. Taylor is a globally published poet and writer. She is originally from Leicestershire, England, but has spent most of her life living in the north of England in Sheffield. She is currently an undergraduate student studying English Literature and Creative Writing at university.

1 – Ethereality – Libby L. Taylor (Independently published, 2020)

2 – It’s Loud in Here – Alyssa Pike (Independently published, 2021)

3 – Dark Astral: Grim & Perilous Chapbook – Daniel D Fox (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2020)

4 – Micro Chapbook RPG: Deluxe Core Rulebook – Noah Patterson (Independently published, 2020)

5 – On Imagination – Mary Ruefle (Sarabande Books, 2017)

6 – The Animal After Whom Other Animals Are Named: Poems – Nicole Sealey (Northwestern University Press, 2016)

7 – Flower of Scotland: Volume 1 – William Meikle (Independently published, 2020)

8 – Flower of Scotland: Volume 1 – William Meikle (Independently published, 2020)

9 – Grandiloquent Wretches – Rhea Seren Phillips (Hafan Books, 2020)

10 – Some Girls Survive on Their Sorcery Alone – Thiahera Nurse and Reginald Gibbons (Northwestern University Press, 2019)

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