Alison Fure – Week 20 Chapbook Chart 2020

Paths are a form of separation between us and modern life. They separate us from traffic. They flow like water to provide us with natural shortcuts and desire lines. They can allow for a continuity of gardens and be good wildlife corridors. They can provide a link to the past and the people who used old routes, providing a touchstone for emotional memory.
When we follow in footsteps, we are in harmony with our ancestors.

Alison Fure is a field ecologist specialising in bats. She is also a walking artist and enjoys showing people new dimensions to their environment.

1 – A little book about Paths – Alison Fure (Sampson Low, 2020)

2 – Maybe, someday – Becca Noel (Independently published)

3 – All The Pretty Lies – Xander Tabb (Independently published)

4 – Nowhere to Arrive – Jenny Xie (Northwestern University Press, 2016)

5 – The Maze To My Heart – Alexis M Romo (Alexis Monique Romo, 2020)

6 – Brood – Kimiko Hahn  (Sarabande Books, 2018)

7 – The death of Harold Ladoo – Dennis Lee  (Kanchenjunga Press, 1976)

8 – Present Conditions – Joseph Massey (Hollyridge Press, 2018)

9 – Palmistry – Christopher Ringrose (ICOE Press, 2019)

10 – City, Ruby: Poetry – Seth Seong (Independently published)

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