Week 52 Chapbook Chart 2019 – Ed Roberson

ed_roberson_chapbook_1 copyHere is a teacher of poets studying his own assignments, questioning and seeking the generative capacity in looking at and seeing things that ends in the realisation of a poem. In a line from the brief poem “”Night Writing,”” from which Closest Pronunciation draws its title, he writes, “”The word closest in pronunciation / To an ambulance’s siren is ‘wrong.’ “” The collection as a whole gives voice, often quiet but always profound, to many things overlooked and neglected in culture, nature, and everyday life.

Ed Roberson was born and raised in Pittsburgh and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1970, and later completed graduate work at Goddard College. He then served as a faculty member in the Department of English at the University of Pittsburgh and at Rutgers University until 2002. Since 2007, he has been a visiting writer and artist in Residence at the Northwestern University School of Professional Studies and has also taught at the University of Chicago and Columbia College. He is Artist-in-Residence at Northwestern University.

1 – Closest Pronunciation – Ed Roberson (Northwestern University Press, 2013)

2 – Mare Nostrum – Khaled Mattawa (Sarabande Books, 2019)

3 – The Summoning of the Old OnesJeffrey Thomas (Independently published, 2019)

4 – The Cows – Lydia Davis (Sarabande Books, 2011)

5 – Learning to Have Lost – Oz Hardwick (Recent Work Press, 2019)

6 – The Larkhill Barrow – William Meikle (Independently published, 2019)

7 – Elaine Lustig Cohen: Modernism Reimagined – Aaris Sherin (Boydell and Brewer, 2016)

8 – Cthulhu Nights – Noah Patterson (Independently published, 2019)

9 – The Blue Nib Chapbook Four – Pat Anthony, Mike Farren, Sharon Flynn (Independently published, 2019)

10 Horrotica Chapbook 6: Butterfly – Valkyrie Kerry (Independently published, 2019)

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