Week 48 Chapbook Chart 2019 – Jeffrey Thomas

Three weird fiction stories that peel back the skin to reveal the darkness beyond. UNCANNY VALLEY – A salesman is given a tour of a sex doll factory, where the products may be more than simply life-like. STRANGER IN THE HOUSE – A factory worker whose mother is dying begins to truly understand the impermanence of all human flesh, and identity — his own included. SLICED BREAD – The Caudata Effect is a recent mutation that allows human beings to regenerate damaged cells quickly…a development taken advantage of by a near future totalitarian society. From Jeffrey Thomas, the author of Punktown.

Jeffrey Thomas is a prolific writer of science fiction and horror, best known for his stories set in the nightmarish future city Punktown. He has been a 2003 finalist for the Bram Stoker Award (Best First Novel) for Monstrocity, and a 2008 finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for Deadstock. Thomas is also responsible for Necropolitan Press, an independent publisher in the genres of horror, science fiction, dark fantasy, and “the unclassifiable.”, which was founded in 1993.

1 – Uncanny Valley: A Trio of Disquieting Stories – Jeffrey Thomas (Independently published, 2019)

2 – How Will I Sound When My Voice Returns? – Elfie (Independently published, 2019)

3 – Winter Warmers Silly & Serious – Sandra Matthews  (Sheephouse Books, 2019)

4 – Mare Nostrum – Khaled Mattawa (Sarabande Books, 2019)

5 – If It Bleeds – Matthew M. Bartlett (Nightscape Press, 2019)

6 – Sweet & Sour – Paula Jeffery (Harefield Press, 2019)

7 – Will You Still Love Me if I Love Her? – Elfie  (Independently published, 2019)

8 – Horrotica Chapbook 1 – Valkyrie Kerry (Independently published, 2019)

9 – The Blue Nib Chapbook Four – Pat Anthony, Mike Farren, Sharon Flynn (Independently published, 2019)

10 – Thalassophile – Abigayle Goldstein and Sima Ijadi (Swimming with Elephants Publications, 2019)


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