Week 44 Chapbook Chart 2019 – Alvin Pang

In this universe we sip milk tea as the child we can never
have gambols on the fine sand of our unfinished pining.
In a series of textured prose currents, UNINTERRUPTED TIME assays confluent moments of familial and intimate relations, tracing the mortal body’s insistent and at times devastating transitions.

Alvin Pang (b.1972, Singapore) was Singapore’s Young Artist of the Year for Literature in 2005, and received the Singapore Youth Award for Arts and Culture in 2007. A poet, writer, editor and translator, he has appeared in major festivals and publications worldwide and his work has been translated into over fifteen languages. Listed in the Oxford Companion to Modern Poetry in English (2nd Edition, 2013), he is a Board Member of the University of Canberra’s International Poetry Studies Institute and a Fellow of the Iowa International Writing Program. He also directs The Literary Centre (Singapore), a non-profit trans-cultural initiative.

1 – Uninterrupted Time – Alvin Pang (Recent Work Press, 2019)

2 – George Giusti: The Idea is the Heart of the Matter – Ned Drew, Brenda Mcmanus, Paul Sternberger (Boydell and Brewer, 2016)

3 – Strip Down – Marcus Bales, D.A. Prince, Brian Allgar, Robin Helweg-Larsen, A.E. Stallings, Tom Vaughan, Vera Ignatowitsch, George Simmers, Susan de Sola, Claudia Gary, Antonia Clark, David Galef, Paula Mahon, Gail White (Sampson Low, 2019)

4 – Chelou – C.J. Zimmerman (Independently published)

5 – Sweet & Sour – Paula Jeffery (Harefield Press, 2019)

6 – Abominable: A Creature Feature – William Meikle (Independently published, 2019)

7 – The Blue Nib Chapbook Four – Pat Anthony, Mike Farren, Sharon Flynn (Independently published, 2019)

8 – Mare Nostrum – Khaled Mattawa (Sarabande Books, 2019)

9 – Learning to Have Lost – Oz Hardwick (Recent Work Press, 2019)

10 – Will You Still Love Me if I Love Her? – Elfie  (Independently published, 2019)

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