Week 5 Chapbook Chart 2019 – Tracy Elizabeth Plath and Alicia Sophia Martin

Tracy Elizabeth Plath
is a poet and short story writer who is fortunate to live in the stunning juxtaposition of desert, river, and mountains that is the west side of El Paso, Texas, with her sprawling family. While pursuing degrees in English literature and Anthropology at Indiana University as an adult returning student, she discovered the intense joy and therapeutic healing of poetry and essay writing. She had the great good fortune to marry the love of her life in 2012, and as a poet is simultaneously both nerdishly proud and daunted by the fact that her husband is a distant relative of Sylvia Plath. Her participation in the 2015 and 2016 Poetry Marathons reaped the many layered benefits of intense writing time spent with her daughter, poet Sara Anderson, the deep and sustaining friendships begun on those fateful days such as those with her dear friend, Alicia Sophia Martin and the other members of the writing group, Some Poets, the publication of her first chapbook, Thicker Than Water: Poems From a Life Uncharted, and writing poems for, co-editing and producing three books for Some Poets, 19,751 words. an anthology. by Some Poets., Wicked Words. a chapbook. by Some Poets., and Love. Letters. a chapbook. by Some Poets. She is currently working on a fourth book for Some Poets, a multicultural translation book of poems in foreign languages that reference the many global origins of the Some Poets Members and an English translation for each poem. She is also working on her second solo book, Chains That Bind, an autobiography written in poem and essay format.

Some Poets hail from all over the globe, brought together by the love of words and art. There are 42 poets, writers, and creators whose words come from personal places, and originate in every emotion. *These poets contributed to Love. Letters.
*Cinthia Irene Albers, *Sara Ruth Anderson, David J. Aubrey, Jr., *Payten Autumn, Cheyenne Bramwell, Jennifer Curtis, *Laura Diaz (lovely illustrator extraordinaire), Christina Anne-Marie DiEdoardo, Kimberlyn Dodge, *Jaclyn Duden, *Pamela Gerber, Britton Gildersleeve, Kathy M. Howell, Lindsay Rowe Jorgensen, *France Marie Karlsen, *Kerry Kelly, *Judy Klemos, *Audrina Lane, *Vincent LeLeux, *Mark Lucker, *Sharon Luellen, *Carl Mann, Bristena Mantu, *Alicia Sophia Martin (Co-editor for our books), *Laurie McKay, Anne McMaster, *Amrutha B. Nair, *Shyami Nazarro, Aisha Nazir, *Sarah Noelle, *Tracy Elizabeth Plath (Co-editor for our books), *Ardelle Ray, *Bia Riaz, *Carolyn L. Robinson, *Aida G. Roque, *George Saba, *Rishika Sangeeta, *Jack Scott, *Ana M. (A.M.) Torres, Martin Torrez, David L. Wilson, Haley Zorger.

1 (1) Love. Letters. – Tracy Elizabeth Plath, Alicia Sophia Martin & Some Poets (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , 2016)

2 (5) RAMBLINGS EXTERNAL – Marcia Knight-Latter (Sampson Low, 2019)

3 (3) Purity of Aim: The Book Jacket Designs of Alvin Lustig Ned Drew and Paul Sternberger (RIT Press, 2010)

4 (7) Poem – Timmy Reed (Dostoyevsky Wannabe CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , 2018)

5 (2) Broken Women of the Mountains – Nida Mahmoed (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,  2009)

6 (8) The Cows – Lydia Davis (Sarabande Books, 2011)

7 (-) The Blue Nib Chapbook 3 – Bernie Crawford & Finola Scott, Ruth Quinlan (Blue Nib Publishing, 2018)

8 (-) The Blue Nib Chapbook 1 – Derek Kannemeyer,‎ Jackie Gorman and‎ Christopher Meehan (Blue Nib Publishing, 2018)

9 (-) The Silence Always Comes – Marion Harper  (Sampson Low, 2018)

10 (10) Khaos – Bayley Kelly (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018)

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