Week 2 Chapbook Chart 2019 – Jared Harél

In The Body Double, a downtrodden young man wakes one morning to find a mysterious twin living with him. Normally the presence of a doppelgänger would turn anyone’s world upside down, but in this case the two quickly settle into a routine. Together they work a thankless job, hang out, paint, go to the fair, mow lawns, fight over the blanket, upset their girlfriend, and basically continue living the same rather uneventful life the original has been living. But as the double becomes increasingly self-aware, and increasingly headstrong, more differences arise, and tensions between original and copy quickly escalate.

Jared Harél plays drums, teaches writing at Nassau Community College, and lives in Queens, NY with his wife and two kids. He is a lifetime poet dedicated to creativity, “One should expect writing to be difficult. If we writers only wrote when we were properly inspired, we’d only write a handful of times per year.” Jared is the author of Go Because I Love You (Diode Editions, 2018) and The Body Double (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2012). He’s been awarded the Stanley Kunitz Memorial Prize from American Poetry Review, as well as the William Matthews Poetry Prize from Asheville Poetry Review. His poems have also appeared in such journals as 32 Poems, Poetry Daily, Massachusetts Review, The Southern Review, Tin House, and Threepenny Review.

1 (1) The Body Double – Jared Harel (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2012)

2 (3) The Cows – Lydia Davis (Sarabande Books, 2011)

3 (5) Present Conditions – Joseph Massey (Hollyridge Press, 2018)

4 (6) The Blue Nib Chapbook 3 – Bernie Crawford & Finola Scott, Ruth Quinlan (Blue Nib Publishing, 2018)

5 (4) The Blue Nib Chapbook 1 – Derek Kannemeyer,‎ Jackie Gorman and‎ Christopher Meehan (Blue Nib Publishing, 2018)

6 (7) The Animal After Whom Other Animals Are Named: Poems – Nicole Sealey (Northwestern University Press, 29 Feb. 2016)

7 (New Entry) Broken Women of the Mountains – Nida Mahmoed (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform April 2009)

8 (9) Variations on a Lobster’s Tale – Morgan Christie (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 2018)

9 (9) Elegy for the Last Male Northern White Rhino – Dean Young (Hollyridge Press, 2018)

10 (New entry) Sad Monologues – Choene Alley Semenya (Independently published, 2018)

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