Week 49 Chapbook Chart 2018 – Joseph Massey

In his new chapbook, Present Conditions, Joseph Massey writes that “the weather within / is the weather without.” His poems chronicle a difficult winter where the universe grows colder, his speaker taking all day to “filter out the debris of a dream.” These poems bring us the aching beauty of the natural world, and the crushing sadness of interior space. A speaker’s failed suicide. The return to sanity. The waiting where we can’t go on, but we do go on, if nothing else when “the windows / . . . go blind.”

Joseph Massey is the author of Illocality (Wave Books, 2015) and a trilogy grounded in the landscape of coastal Humboldt County, California: Areas of Fog (Shearsman Books, 2009), At the Point (Shearsman Books, 2011), and To Keep Time (Omnidawn, 2014). He worked as an instructor and teaching assistant for the University of Pennsylvania’s ModPo (Modern and Contemporary Poetry) MOOC, which serves thousands of students, worldwide, at no cost. He now teaches privately. He lives in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

1 (New entry) Present Conditions – Joseph Massey (Hollyridge Press, 2018)

2 (6) Purity of Aim: The Book Jacket Designs of Alvin Lustig Ned Drew and Paul Sternberger (RIT Press, 2010)

3 (4) The Cows – Lydia Davis (Sarabande Books, 2011)

4 (5) The Blue Nib Chapbook 3 – Bernie Crawford & Finola Scott, Ruth Quinlan (Blue Nib Publishing, 2018)

5 (7) On Imagination – Mary Ruefle (Sarabande Books, July 2017)

6 (9) I Loved You Once – Nausicaa Twila  (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018)

7 (2) Elegy for the Last Male Northern White Rhino – Dean Young (Hollyridge Press, 2018)

8 (1) A Chapbook Of Poems – Prince Unsworth (Independently published, 2017)

9 (New entry) Poem – Timmy Reed (Dostoyevsky Wannabe CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , 2018)

10 (New entry) The Wedding Vows Chapbook: Sample Wedding Vows and Inspiration – Katharine Coggeshall (Independently published, 2017)

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