Week 17 UK Chapbook Chart 2018 – Sonia Greenfield

Selected by Heather McNaugher, contest judge for Coal Hill Review’s 2017 Chapbook Prize. Sonia Greenfield’s poetry chapbook American Parable is a portrait of America’s current political and cultural landscape. Greenfield’s candor is a light that helps us make sense of a murky world.

SONIA GREENFIELD was born and raised in Peekskill, New York, and her book Boy with a Halo at the Farmer’s Market, won the 2014 Codhill Poetry Prize. Her work has appeared in a variety of places, including in the 2010 Best American Poetry, Antioch Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Los Angeles Review, Massachusetts Review, and Willow Springs. Her collection of prose poems, Letdown, is forthcoming. She lives with her husband and son in Hollywood where she edits the Rise Up Review and co-directs the Southern California Poetry Festival.

1 (2) American Parable – Sonia Greenfield (Autumn House Press, May 2018)

2 (4) Poems for Political DisasterTimothy Donnelly, Bk Fischer, Stefania Heim and Matt Lord (Boston Review, May 2018)

3 (1) Serotonin – Erin Bethany (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Aug. 2016)

4 (2) Brood – Kimiko Hahn  (Sarabande Books, July 2018)

5 (5) A Chapbook Of Poems – Prince Unsworth (Independently published, Oct 2017)

6 (6) The Wedding Vows Chapbook: Sample Wedding Vows and Inspiration – Katharine Coggeshall (Independently published, May 2017)

7 (7) Lester Beall: Space, Time, & Content – R. Roger Remington & Massimo Vignelli (RIT Press, Jan. 2003)

8 (8) Poem – Timmy Read (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Feb 2018)

9 (9) Will Burtin: The Display of Visual Knowledge – R. Roger Remington (RIT Press, Jan. 2009)

10 (10) The Cows – Lydia Davis (Sarabande Books, Mar. 2011)

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