Week 15 UK Chapbook Chart 2018 – Erin Bethany

Serotonin is a poetry chapbook chronicling one person’s descent into depression before entering into recovery, told in a union of poetry and photographs. The words that compose Serotonin are a devotion to those who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, whether or not they say it aloud. Serotonin seeks to provide another voice to a heavy stigmatized and misunderstood topic and show people what life is like for one person who experiences depression and suicidal thoughts.

Erin Bethany is a child of the mountains residing by the sea who writes too much and feels too deeply. As the recipient of Fairfield University’s Eloquentia Perfecta Core Writing Award, she was published in an anthology of student writing, as well as has self-published a poetry chapbook on depression and suicidal thoughts, in an effort to contribute to the destigmatization of mental illness. She has also published a short story told in the point of view of a major depressive drug addict in Appalachia, bringing together her work on the topic of mental illness and Appalachian culture and life.

1 (8) Serotonin – Erin Bethany (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Aug. 2016)

2 (New entry) American Parable – Sonia Greenfield (Autumn House Press, May 2018)

3 (3) Poems for Political DisasterTimothy Donnelly, Bk Fischer, Stefania Heim and Matt Lord (Boston Review, Jan 2017)

4 (1) A Chapbook Of Poems – Prince Unsworth (Independently published, Oct 2017)

5 (New entry) Lester Beall: Space, Time, & Content – R. Roger Remington & Massimo Vignelli (RIT Press, Jan. 2003)

6 (New entry) The Wedding Vows Chapbook: Sample Wedding Vows and Inspiration – Katharine Coggeshall (Independently published, May 2017)

7 (New entry) The Cows – Lydia Davis (Sarabande Books, Mar. 2011)

8 (New entry) Brood – Kimiko Hahn  (Sarabande Books, July 2018)

9 (New entry) Purity of Aim: The Book Jacket Designs of Alvin Lustig Ned Drew and Paul Sternberger (RIT Press, Sept. 2010)

10 (New entry) Khaos – Bayley Kelly (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 2018)

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