Week 9 UK Chapbook Chart 2018 – MD Weems

The Sky is Green, The Grass is Pink: A Chapbook of Epileptic Poetry gives the reader an in depth look at how TLE (Temporal lobe epilepsy) affects the mind and emotions of someone that deals with it on a daily basis. It reveals the creative sparks that heighten brain activity but also the frustration of not being able to finish things. Epilepsy isn’t something to be afraid of, it’s something that can pull creative works out of the minds of those that suffer with it. For readers unfamiliar with TLE, this chapbook will take you through a journey full of the challenges and inspirational transformations.

Born in Tulsa (USA) and raised in Colorado MD Weems is an award winning writer and artist. She has written thousands of pieces, including books, articles, white pages, and more, for publishers and clients all over the world.  As an avid painter she travels around the Tulsa and Central Oklahoma area to attending shows and festivals. Her works have been featured in exhibits in the MEME Gallery in Tulsa, OK and the Student Union Exhibition at Oklahoma State University, where her painting “Duality” was awarded second place. In late 2014, she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and in early 2015, she was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. Suffering with undiagnosed seizures for so long has made a remarkable stamp on her artwork, which is constantly changing. While sometimes a nuisance, these seizures help her to create some of the most amazing pieces that stir the imagination.

1 (6) The Sky is Green, The Grass is Pink – MD Weems (Independently published, Feb 2018)

2 (3) A Chapbook Of Poems – Prince Unsworth (Independently published, Oct 2017)

3 (2) Poems for Political DisasterTimothy Donnelly, Bk Fischer, Stefania Heim and Matt Lord (Boston Review, Jan 2017)

4 (1) Hard Rain – Tony Hoagland (Hollyridge Press, Oct 2005)

5 (9) The Wedding Vows Chapbook: Sample Wedding Vows and Inspiration – Katharine Coggeshall (Independently published, May 2017)

6 (4) Poem – Timmy Read (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Feb 2018)

7 (7) Soul of Man Under Socialism – Oscar Wilde (Pluto Press, Jan 1987)

8 (8) Ballad of Reading Gaol – Oscar Wilde (Pluto Press, Jun 1978)

9 (5) On The Kitchen Table From Which Everything Has Been Hastily Removed – Olena Kalytiak Davis (Hollyridge Press, July 2009)

10 (New entry) E intersection N – Silje Ree  (Sampson Low, Jan 2018)

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