Week 11 UK Chapbook Chart 2017 – A.L.D. Chalom

A.L.D. Chalom

SIT. STAY. (vol. I in the printpoetics chapbook series) is “a poetry chapbook for anyone who is a person and not a template.” The printpoetics chapbook series offers thought provoking material condensed into tiny reads in a style far less delicate than what we are used to seeing in A.L.D. Chalom’s previous work (see “ONE”- a poetry collection). The different volumes dissect “hot-potato” subjects such as social injustice, discrimination, abuse, stereotypes, sexuality, gender, LGBTQ issues, women’s rights, feminism, racism, bullying, loss, drug use and abuse … the list is endless and the series is an ongoing project, constantly adding volumes to the series.

A.L.D. Chalom was born in Sweden in 1985 to a Swedish mother and American father. She grew up in Sweden, but moved abroad at the age of 19 and has since lived in Italy, France, Spain and in the UK, before returning to Sweden after over a decade living abroad. Her poetry has amassed a great following on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, where she started writing poetry under the name printpoetics (@printpoetics).

New entries into the UK chapbook top ten are Sit. Stay. by A.L.D. Chalom at No.1, Venus as a Boy by Marcus Wratton and Dimitra Petsa at No.2 and Levels by Far Awayaa, Sogol Sur and Joe Caplin.

The No.1 Publisher crown belongs to Sampson Low with 3 entries in the top ten.

Oscar Wilde is the leading author with 2 publications in the top ten.


1 (-) Sit. Stay. – A.L.D. Chalom (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 20 Feb. 2017)

2 (-) Venus as a Boy – Marcus Wratton and Dimitra Petsa (Sampson Low Ltd, 27 Feb. 2017)

3 (-) Levels – Far Awayaa, Sogol Sur and Joe Caplin (Sampson Low Ltd, 27 Feb. 2017)

4 (2) On The Kitchen Table From Which Everything Has Been Hastily Removed – Olena Kalytiak Davis (Hollyridge Press, 1 July 2009)

5 (3) Poems for Political DisasterTimothy Donnelly, Bk Fischer, Stefania Heim and Matt Lord (Boston Review, 20 Jan. 2017) 

6 (1) flower angel ship – Jörg Bernig (Hafan Books, 1 Nov. 2013)     

7 (4) Ballad of Reading Gaol – Oscar Wilde (Pluto Press, 29 Jun 1978)

8 (5) Soul of Man Under Socialism – Oscar Wilde (Pluto Press, 1 Jan 1987)

9 (6) Hard Rain – Tony Hoagland (Hollyridge Press, 20 Oct. 2005)

10 (7) Over The Skin – Carole Bulewski  (Sampson Low Ltd, 17 Nov 2015)

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