Week 4 UK Chapbook Chart 2017 – Gary Maxwell

gary_maxwell_chapbook_2011_1-copyChapbook 2011 from Gary Maxwell is a new entry at Number 1 this week. It teases with ambiguity, the poet continually asking questions of us. Although he introduces a healthy amount of scepticism he never treads into the cynical marshes which would suck us under, his love about life is the path that steers us through. Chapbook 2011 is a balance of wit, charm, with a touch of irony. Nature proffers a frame to dress Maxwell’s poems,  while ambiguity (and its multiple meanings) infuses the poetry with tiered complexity.

Gary Maxwell is a  poet/songwriter who can transform a simple line of poetry into a complete story, a skill perfectly attuned to the chapbook genre. His poetry rarely fails to delight and entertain. With a playful sense of the ridiculous his readers are addicted to his daily dose of humour, administered through his website https://yeoldefoole.wordpress.com It’s not all a barrel of laughs though, watch out for the serious and thought provoking meanings that prickle between the lines.

New entries this week are Chapbook 2011 by Gary Maxwell at No.1,  The Animal After Whom Other Animals Are Named by Nicole Sealey at No.7 and Any Kind of Excuse by Nin Andrews at No.8.

The top publisher crown is worn (on alternate days) by Hollyridge Press and Sampson Low who both have 2 entries in the top ten.


1 (-) Chapbook 2011 – Gary Maxwell (Kindle, 7 Aug 2015)

2 (2) Hard Rain – Tony Hoagland (Hollyridge Press, 20 Oct. 2005)

3 (3) On The Kitchen Table From Which Everything Has Been Hastily Removed – Olena Kalytiak Davis (Hollyridge Press, 1 July 2009)

4 (6) Over The Skin – Carole Bulewski  (Sampson Low Ltd, 17 Nov 2015)

5 (8) Murmurations – Stella Tripp (Sampson Low Ltd, 21 Dec 2015)

6 (10) Zoomorphic – Emily Wharton (Emily Wharton, 13 Sept. 2015)

7 (-) The Animal After Whom Other Animals Are Named: Poems – Nicole Sealey (Northwestern University Press, 29 Feb. 2016)

8 (-) Any Kind of Excuse – Nin Andrews (The Kent State University Press 31 Mar. 2003)

9 (4) Soul of Man Under Socialism – Oscar Wilde (Pluto Press, 1 Jan 1987)

10 (1) Out of Phaze – Kneel Downe & Steve Taylor-Bryant (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 31 Dec. 2016)


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