Week 2 UK Chapbook Chart 2017 – Kneel Downe

kneel_downe_out_of_phaze_1_75The rise of Kneel Downe’s Virulent ChapBooks are unabated with Out of Phaze reaching Number 1 on the UK Chapbook Chart this week. Kneel’s vivid, poetic, image-filled writing, tells the story of his post-apocalyptic world – a science fiction dystopia of human/animal genetic splicing, ReGen drugs, DreamCages and DeadBoxes, in a city where nobody has seen the sun for 50 years.

Kneel Downe was born in 1967 and raised in the middle of the countryside and silence where he immersed himself in books and fantasy. After trying several writing styles, Kneel began tweeting short fragments of fiction. A meeting with his idol, Jeff Noon, made Kneel realise that these short bursts could make up a whole universe of fiction and so the VirulentBlurb projects began

No.1 UK chapbook publisher is  CreateSpace Independent Publishing with 3 entries in the top ten.

Oscar Wilde and Kneel Downe are the leading authors with 2 publications each.


1 (-) Out of Phaze – Kneel Downe & Steve Taylor-Bryant (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 31 Dec. 2016)

2 (1) On The Kitchen Table From Which Everything Has Been Hastily Removed – Olena Kalytiak Davis (Hollyridge Press, 1 July 2009)

3 (8) Hard Rain – Tony Hoagland (Hollyridge Press, 20 Oct. 2005)

4 (2) The Chapbook: Poems – Charles Bane, Jr. (Curbside Splendor Publishing, 2 July 2011)

5 (10) Bipolar Moods – Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 7 May 2016)

6 (5) Soul of Man Under Socialism – Oscar Wilde (Pluto Press, 1 Jan 1987)

7 (3) Ballad of Reading Gaol – Oscar Wilde (Pluto Press, 29 Jun 1978)

8 (4) Over The Skin – Carole Bulewski  (Sampson Low Ltd, 17 Nov 2015)

9 (6) The Copper Cascade – Kneel Downe & Steve Taylor-Bryant (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 18 Nov 2016)

10 (7) Atlas of Clouds – Paul F. Lenzi (Stonewood Press, 5 Nov. 2016)



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