Week 43 UK Chapbook Chart 2016

tony_hoagland_hard_rain_33Once again Hard Rain by Tony Hoagland  graces the number 1 position on the UK Chapbook Chart. Hard Rain is consistently the most popular of chapbooks in the UK chart, it has never dipped out of the Top Ten in 2016 and remains a favourite amongst readers throughout the world.

Tony Hoagland is still little known in Europe and yet he made his way into the prestigious British encyclopaedia Contemporary Poets at a very early stage. Since then he has also published Donkey Gospel and What Narcissism Means to Me, books that have won him a swathe of awards in North America. As these titles suggest, Hoagland’s characteristic tone is marked by a deep devotion to hedonism in all its manifestations, humour being one of its mainstays.

There are three new entries – Cunt.bomb. by Jessica Helen Lopez at No.2,  Over The Skin by Carole Bulewski  at No.7 and Catitudes & Platitudes by Susan Wingate at No.8.

Top publisher this week is Sampson Low who have 3 entries in the top ten. Oscar Wilde is the leading author with publications at No.3 & No.5.

1 (4) Hard Rain – Tony Hoagland (Hollyridge Press, 20 Oct. 2005)

2 (-) Cunt.bomb. – Jessica Helen Lopez (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 31 Dec. 2013)

3 (7) Ballad of Reading Gaol – Oscar Wilde (Pluto Press, 29 Jun 1978)

4 (8) The Scotch Egg Diet – David Bushell (Sampson Low Ltd, 26 Feb 2015)

5 (9) Soul of Man Under Socialism – Oscar Wilde (Pluto Press, 1 Jan 1987)

6 (10) Murmurations – Stella Tripp (Sampson Low Ltd, 21 Dec 2015)

7 (-) Over The Skin – Carole Bulewski  (Sampson Low Ltd, 17 Nov 2015)

8 (-) Catitudes & Platitudes – Susan Wingate (Roberts Press, 25 April 2016)

9 (5) Thing – Dorothea Lasky (Floating Wolf Quarterly, 30 Nov. 2012)

10 (6) The Wrong End of the Rainbow: Poems – Charles Wright (Sarabande Books, April 2005)






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